With our myriad partners around the state, we offer workshops, hold emergency planning sessions for immigrant families, and share materials regarding immigrant rights under the United States constitution.


We work with immigrant communities in our valley by offering support in walking the path to Citizenship and applying for DACA.  We provide resources to families and children left behind in the case of detainment or deportation. We also have a 24-hour/7-day free and confidential hotline that supports impacted community members and their families.


We advocate for immigrant families at the local, state, and national levels.

highlights: What We Achieved in 2017-2018

    • Surveyed immigrant parents and students to prioritize our educational and outreach activities
    • Facilitated bi-monthly Advocate meetings to focus on how to best support our immigrant community
    • Hosted a bridge building gathering in partnership with Nosotros United at Wood River High School, facilitated by Sam Byrd, the Executive Director of the Center for Community and Justice
    • Held meetings with local social profits, schools, student groups, hospitals, churches, libraries, businesses, chambers of commerce, apartment buildings, and government offices to build coalitions
    • Created statewide coalition with the American Civil Liberties Union, the Center for Community and Justice, the International Rescue Committee, Engage Idaho, Idaho Organizing Project, Catholic Charities, the Idaho Dairymen's Association, the University of Moscow, and the Concordia University School of Law
    • Developed 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week free and confidential hotline to support impacted community members
    • Disseminated Know Your Rights brochures created by the ACLU for the state of Idaho to the impacted community
    • Provided Notebooks with extensive Know Your Rights and Family Emergency Preparation materials to seventeen key locales throughout the Wood River Valley
    • Shared Know Your Rights red cards created by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center throughout the valley.
    • Organized six workshops on Know Your Rights and Family Emergency Preparedness Training
    • Hosted four Citizenship and DACA support workshops
    • Held a workshop with Engage Idaho to train eight high school students as community organizers to help with issues affecting our immigrant community.  Through a fellowship provided by Engage Idaho and Immigration Alliance Donors, these students will work for ten weeks during the summer of 2018 to register voters and share information throughout our Latinx community.