This work is urgent and vital and makes a concrete difference for people in our community. 

Let's build some bridges.  Speak up and speak out. take action today.


Join our efforts! Email us and we'll help you match your skill sets with the needs of our community. Bilingual folks, caretakers, leaders, lawyers, and everyone committed to creating a welcoming community for all -- you can help with this vital work.



Your donation allows us to continue our work building safe, just, and welcoming communities for all.  Currently, Immigration Alliance of Idaho has 501c3 status as the Blaine Country Outreach Program of the Centro de Communidad y Justicia (Center for Community and Justice). Your donation is tax deductible and will appear on your credit card statement as a donation to "Blaine County Outreach Program."  Please click the yellow DONATE button. Thank you for your support.